Hackney (Borough of)

London – Hackney (Borough of) – Shoreditch – Goose Island (Third Visit)

This is my third visit to Goose Island this year as I think this might be my pub of the year and I need to ensure that I’ve made the right decision…… It might necessitate a fourth visit if I’m being honest, just so I’m entirely sure.

The tap list behind the bar, but it’s also available on-line. Table service is offered by knowledgeable staff members, with the friendliness here being high, always welcoming. The staff seemed disappointed that the pub was quiet, but these are challenging times and London is in Tier 2. I suspect that in usual times that this pub would be full on an early Friday evening in central London.

This is the pub’s new menu, from Nanny Bills and it’s primarily a burger menu. Interesting, although I’ve got my dining options sorted for the evening.

The bar, all clean and organised.

And my choice of beer, the Bangalore Breakfast from Goose Island themselves, a decadent milk stout. I limited myself to half a pint of this and despite someone else on Untappd saying it wasn’t very milky, I thought it was milky and smooth. Not quite as full a flavour as I’d been expecting, but suitably sweet to be moreish and sufficiently
Epicurean. Although it was delicious, I did think that half a pint was probably enough, the sweetness did eventually become ever more apparent. It’s the same feeling that I get after accidentally eating two sharing packs (which is a stupid term, who shares them?) of Randoms.

My friend Nathan gets annoyed that I keep saying just how good the Hop and Vine is (although it is), but he won’t mind me saying just how good this place is (he will be very slightly annoyed I’ve come here again though). Bearing in mind this is a relatively big bar in central London, the service element is perfect, the atmosphere is welcoming and the beer is delightful. Nicely beguiling, I’m happy here.