Hackney (Borough of)

London – Tower Hamlets (Borough of) – Hackney Wick – Crate Brewery (II)

As with the neighbouring Howling Hops, I’ve visited Crate before, and just wanted to note my visits today as a reminder to myself of the big day of pubs fully reopening. What a time to be alive…..

I don’t really entirely understand the set-up with Crate as the upstairs restaurant Silo seems to dominate some of the signage and I’m also never entirely sure what Crate brew themselves as they don’t give their beers decadent names and don’t seem to experiment much. And, rather ridiculously given that I can now sit inside pubs, I found myself sitting outside. But the weather allowed it and there were no bees, wasps or other random animals or insects waiting to attack me. And there were some nice views of the nearby river.

There was a beer from Brew By Numbers which meant choosing a beer was easy as I like them and this was a peach melba fruited gose. I can’t remember who got me into those, but I’ve developed quite a taste for that beer style, and this was a perfectly good example of it. Lots of peach flavour, ideal for a refreshing lunchtime drink. And, Brew By Numbers toasted my check-in on Untappd so I like them even more now, as I’m easily bought by such things.

The staff member was helpful, so this was another easy visit, which I coupled with popping into Howling Hops briefly. All really rather lovely. Normality is a wonderful thing.