London – Tower Hamlets (Borough of) – Hackney Wick – Howling Hops (II)

I won’t drone on for too long about Howling Hops, since I’ve visited before and wrote a little more that time. However, today is a big day for pubs as they can open inside once again, so I feel the need to record that for my own record, even if for no-one else’s interest.

Service was friendly and helpful, although no real surprises there. Customers can drink beers straight from the tanks (well, not literally, they are served in a glass) which adds theatre to the proceedings. It wasn’t particularly busy, I think that most of the people who were there worked for Howling Hops, but it felt laidback and welcoming. It’s a nice place, convenient for when I’m passing by on the London Overground (which is nearly never if I’m being honest, but I’ll make special trips).

I opted for the Morning Ride, a New England IPA with Enigma, Simcoe and Mosaic hops (I didn’t know that obviously, I’ve just copied it) and I liked that the brewery mention the “sweet shop pick-n-mix finish”. I wouldn’t disagree with that, it was a sweet and citrusy beer which worked well for me as a refreshing lunchtime drink. I was also a little tempted by the Gentle Storm beer which Howling Hops brew, which seems to be so new that absolutely no-one has reviewed it on Untappd. But everything in moderation.

And it’s nice for me to be back inside pubs, something which I hope is now a permanent state of affairs for the hospitality industry (I mean being allowed to have customers inside in general, not necessarily having me inside).