Liverpool Weekend

Liverpool Weekend (Day One) – This Situation is Sub-Optimal

Carrying on my random complaint of why can’t this train have more carriages given that it is at capacity in terms of passengers and luggage, it wasn’t the most ideal situation from Norwich to Peterborough. A friendly man sat opposite me, but a pair got on late and asked him to move next to me so they could sit together. He ignored these interlopers so they sat opposite each other, he complaining that he’s got to get a long train journey to go to court and she seemed just exhausted. It wasn’t ideal that she started to fall asleep into me but my passive aggressive nature meant that she woke up, apologised and moved. People often say travel is a marvellous thing and they’re not wrong, but it certainly has its moments.

I have no idea what happened to Bev, I hope she’s escaped this train at Peterborough. I’m pleased to say that we’re rolling on now and will be going through Grantham, Nottingham, Ilkeston, Alfreton, Chesterfield, Sheffield and Stockport before arriving into Manchester. It’s quite relaxing now.

I’m not sure that I know anyone who is available and who can give quick advice on which craft beer bars to visit in Manchester, I shall have to perform my own research endeavours on what is possible in the short period of time I have there. But, more importantly, I hope this train remains relatively peaceful.