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Liverpool Weekend (Day One) – And So the Trip Begins…..


I may have mentioned in passing, but it’s been too bloody hot this week and I was pleased to see some clouds in the sky in the hope that matters might be cooling down somewhat. As the observant might have noticed from the title of this post, I’m off for a little adventure to Liverpool with a few others. I deserve a break away I’ve decided.


I arrived early at the railway station as it’s the rather rickety East Midlands Railway service to Liverpool, although I’m getting off at Manchester as split ticketing meant that was much cheaper. And I decided I’d spend a couple of hours in Manchester itself as well.


There was then a twenty minute wait for me standing by the train, but I was pleased to feel that the temperature had reduced somewhat. This two carriage train is entirely inadequate for the number of people who want to use it, so it’s at capacity and there’s no space for luggage. Half of our group made the sensible decision to go via London, but I’v picked the thrifty route.


I boarded first to get a table seat, as this train doesn’t have any seat reservations which I personally think just makes thing easier but others are less impressed. It’s transpired that Bev is on the same train to Peterborough, where she’s getting of, and she’s a bit stompy down that end of the train judging by her comments in the group chat. Hopefully there will be some drama to report later on, likely involving Bev. But, I’m at a table seat, I have power and I’m settled in for the relatively long journey to Manchester. What could possibly go wrong…..