LDWA – Winter Poppyline 2022

This weekend was the Winter Poppyline, the 50-mile challenge event offered by Norfolk & Suffolk LDWA. It usually takes place every other year, and took place this year following the postponement in 2021 due to the pandemic.

This post is primarily photos that have been sent to be used on social media, so expect to see them soon on various LDWA social media sites. As ever, it was a wonderful event and it’s always a delight to hear all of the positive feedback that’s being received. The event was actually just over 51 miles and congratulations to everyone who finished and to those who didn’t quite make it, but they had a good go and that’s the main thing.

Jayne was a marvellous organiser as ever and the marshals worked hard to ensure that everyone had a positive experience in the checkpoints and HQ. We also trust that entrants enjoyed the variety of terrain that North Norfolk has to offer, including the fine coastal views. The weather wasn’t too bad, but the wind did pick up and that was mentioned by a fair few entrants.

Always happy to marshal these events because of the friendliness of the entrants and other marshals (and it saves me walking the event, as that can tire me out) and I’m proud that Richard’s training is coming on well at the registration desk. He’s able to cope on his own now, which makes it much easier for me to go and interfere with the arrangements in the kitchen on a much more regular basis. And it took me thirty minutes and the help of four marshals to work out to turn the lights off in the gym for those sleeping in there, before I gave up and someone else fixed the problem.

I loved the choice of drink that our medic picked…. Both our medics were professional and helpful, although the one on the early shift had a quieter time it’s fair to say. Raynet and 4*4 also offered marvellous support to the marshals and to entrants, it was good to have them there.

This was left to annoy me….. A complaint will be going to Stuart Bain nationally about Hilary for doing this……   🙂

More to come about this event across our social media, but thanks to others who have posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about their experiences.

There it is, the terrifying Beeston Bump….. This caught our many walkers, it’s a reminder never to under-estimate the Norfolk Himalayas.

Here is the head of risk assessment for the event, Simon, with his friendly and welcoming face at Cromer cliffs to greet the walkers and remind them to be careful of the cliffs (or not to fall off them to be more precise). This selfie he took doesn’t really reflect just how much of a welcome he really offers though   🙂

Anyway, I digress, onto the other photos…..