Hamburg – Hamburg Airport Lounge

Located towards the top of the airport terminal, this lounge was one of the airiest and open that I’ve been in, all very comfortable.

That’s Haribo in the middle, unlimited Haribo. Inwardly I was beyond delighted, but externally I hope no-one else noticed just how wonderful I consider unlimited sweets to be.

Unlimited bananas. Can’t say I was particularly excited about these.

A soup machine, and next to this was a cooker which had hot dogs in, which isn’t unusual in lounges in Germany and Poland. Perhaps it should be more common in lounges in the UK, but I’d rather they introduced unlimited Haribo first.

A selection of rolls, cold meats, olives and pastries, and they were all fresh and tasted of a decent quality.

I liked these tables, although there was a choice of different seating types. These tables had power available and comfortable chairs, being at the perfect height to use a computer.

My first plate of snacks, very moreish, so I had several more plates.

As airport lounges go, this was towards the better end of the scale. The lounge wasn’t particularly busy, it was comfortable and it seemed organised. As for cleanliness, it would have been hard for the staff to have made it any cleaner. They were busy vacuuming the floors, cleaning tables and collecting plates for the entire time that I was there. Indeed, I’d say this was the cleanest lounge that I’ve been to.

There are toilets within the lounge complex and a selection of magazines and newspapers (I don’t mean these are in the toilets, the magazines and newspapers were in the main part of the lounge). I didn’t partake in the alcohol options, but there was a suitable range of beers, wines and spirits. There were juices and also a self pour soda machine which I took a particular liking to. By this I mean I liked the soda that came out of it, I wasn’t that interested in the machine itself.

I had access to the lounge through Oneworld status, although it’s also part of lounge schemes such as Priority Pass. The signage isn’t brilliant to get there, but it’s on the top floor, it’s probably easier to get there by lift, but there are also two sets of escalators which got up there. All in all, entirely satisfactory.