Hamburg – Brewdog

Part of me doesn’t really like Brewdog for some of their corporate practices, but more of me is liking Brewdog as they have interesting and intriguing beers, as well as friendly and engaging staff. The Brewdog in Hamburg only opened last week, so given that, I thought I’d pop in. It’s located on the Reeperbahn, which is perhaps the most suitable street for such a bar in the city. Which would explain why they put it there….

The beer fridge, with numerous tempting options.

The beer menu above the bar.

Photos of the interior, all looking contemporary, on-trend and welcoming.

And the nitro milk stout, which is Jet Black Heart, which I’ve had before, but it’s a delightful drink with a richness of flavour and a slightly sweet edge. It was at the slightly chilled temperature that I’d expect and I liked the depth of taste that the stout had. It’s not the cheapest of drinks, although Brewdog isn’t really known for being entirely cost effective.

The staff member who served me was enthusiastic, helpful and engaging. The process was made particularly easy for me as not only did the staff member speak English, she was British, which made selecting a beer much easier. There’s a friendly atmosphere in the entire bar and the selection of craft beers was extensive, the widest that I’ve seen in Germany.

So, if nothing else, here’s to Brewdog at least bringing craft beer to more people. Perhaps in a few years there will be tens of these innovative bars opening up across northern Europe, and perhaps even southern Europe.