Grudziądz – Railway Station

The whole city of Grudziądz is really rather pleasant, but if there’s one part that needs investment, it’s the railway station. Google has numerous negative reviews of the railway station, mainly about the issue of homelessness in the building. That might perhaps be true, but the state of the building itself is also clearly an issue, and it needs replacing or modernising.

The building’s exterior.

The interior is just as delightful.

This is the main concourse. It’s not exactly London Waterloo.

This feels like it was constructed in a Soviet style in about the 1960s, and I’m not sure that it has received much investment since. There’s a large supermarket in the building, and two small shops, but not much else.

The lady at the ticket desk was helpful, although her trying to communicate that the next train wasn’t for two hours did take a longer than was ideal given the language barrier.

The station didn’t have any screens indicating the next train, and the clock was perhaps in need of some attention…..

The station platforms, which are better maintained.

I did find the entire ticket purchasing, and working out when the train left and where to connect, rather confusing. The information at the railway station seemed to differ from what there was on-line. However, fortunately there was a young English speaking conductor on the first train and he was able to explain everything, and show me to my train when I connected.