Grudziądz – American Burger

OK – it doesn’t look much from the outside, but it’s the best rated burger restaurant in Grudziądz and so it deserves a visit.

The menu is simple, I like that, complexity rarely works well.

There’s a nod to the US diner theme, and lots of American flags. It’s basic, but it looks fine and it’s clean.

There was a selection of beers, but Lech is fine with burgers. So that’s my piwo of choice 🙂

The service was really friendly and although in Polish, I felt welcome. I can see why the restaurant is well reviewed, it feels like a family-run operation.


The food…. The burger bun was crispy, which gave needed texture to the meal. The burger itself was meaty, moist and not greasy, and it had a pleasant flavour. The lettuce added crunch and the chips were firm on the exterior and fluffy on the interior.

Overall, the quality was towards the higher end of the scale. It was at the appropriate temperature, neatly presented and had a pleasant taste.

The burger, chips and beer cost around £4, which I think represents very reasonable value for money. Recommended 🙂