That’s the end of my time in Grudziądz, having now left for a trip to Gdansk, which is a little to the north of the city. It’s a rather understated and delightful place, although I didn’t see much evidence of tourists in the city during my three days there.

It’s relatively accessible from Bydogoscz and Gdansk, although probably not for a day trip. There seem to be an increasing number of restaurants catering for different tastes, with the prices being reasonable given the off the beaten track location of the city. Hotel provision seems sufficient, with the prices again being reasonable.

The level of English spoken is one of the lowest I’ve experienced in Poland, which isn’t a complaint, just an observation of how few tourists they might be getting. As is usual, the younger generation speak much better English, and the signage at the museums was usually available in English.

There’s been a large amount of European Union investment in the city, which has helped to repair some of the neglected historic monuments. Unfortunately, the railway station seems to have missed either regional or EU funding, and is need of some considerable investment.

But as a location to visit in Poland, there’s plenty of history, and the bridge which covers the Vistula River makes for a particular impressive river scene. The city’s former fortifications are also partly in place, with some offering extensive views of the surrounding area.

On that note, I’m now off to Gdansk for a return visit….

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