Glasgow – Ibis Budget

I had one night earlier in the week at the Ibis Budget in Glasgow, where I stayed with my friend Liam a few years ago en route to his stag week event (which was very well organised, but that’s a different matter). It might be one of the most basic brands within the Accor set-up, but they’ve got some excellent ones such as Ibis Budget Whitechapel.

The welcome at the front desk was exceptional, with the staff member being full of enthusiasm. The greeting didn’t feel scripted or automated, so my first impressions were very positive. The room is the standard old-style Ibis Budget set-up, one which is entirely functional but not overly glamorous. There are rooms with a bunk bed, but since I was on my own I didn’t feel that I really needed bunk beds. They’ve put a bit of glamour into the toilets by putting fake brickwork paper on the wall (that seems the only change from a few years ago), but everything was clean and tidy.

The reviews of the hotel aren’t great, but this mainly relates to the room rather than the staff or the cleanliness. That shower in the middle of the room is not ideal for some guests, although the modernisation at Whitechapel resolved that problem, so perhaps it’ll be addressed in the future. Looking at the Google scores, this hotel receives 2.9/5 for the rooms, 4.5/5 for the location and 4.8/5 for the service, so they’ve clearly got a competent and friendly team there. The hotel doesn’t have tea and coffee facilities in the room, but they provide it free of charge at reception.

My view wasn’t the most inspiring (I mean the front bit, the view of the rest of Glasgow was better) and I’m not sure what’s going on with that fake facade on the left hand side. However, I had no problems with my stay, with no noise issues either internally or externally. There was another staff member at reception when I checked-out, but she was also friendly and helpful. It’s about a ten-minute walk to the city centre, so I’d happily recommend this hotel to others (but until resolved, I have to keep mentioning my on-going problem with Accor Hotels).