Glasgow – Brewdog Glasgow Kelvingrove

I tried to visit this Brewdog a few days ago as it’s opposite Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, but it was a bit shut. Given that I’m trying to visit every Brewdog in the country, I decided to pop back here on the Glasgow Subway.

The lack of welcome was a bit odd, but I suspect they didn’t see me, despite my British thing of standing there looking awkward for a short while. I think they were trying to greet every customer, so I must have been missed. I went to the seating area near to the bar and there’s a strange set-up here that they don’t use the standard Brewdog app. The location is also relatively small, although it’s one of their earlier ones and I think that this bar has been here for nine years.

That’s the limit of the inside, although there are some seats around the outside as well that I ignored as I like being away from wasps, traffic and passer-bys.

The beer menu wasn’t as large as most other Brewdogs, primarily no doubt as the venue is relatively small. I decided to just go for a third of the No Going Back from Newtown Park Brewing Co, a brewery from Bristol. Perfectly pleasant, lingering flavours of mango and peach, so that was my fruit intake sorted for the day. There wasn’t much else for me to try that I hadn’t had elsewhere, so I thought I’d limit myself to just one little drink.

Then a barman comes over and asked if I ordered a third of the No Going Back. I said that I had, but I’d already got it. He then told me that I might as well have a second one for free, which was a policy decision that I entirely agreed with, but would never have suggested. As an aside, the amount of times I’ve seen in JD Wetherspoon when food goes to the wrong table and a customer says something like “I didn’t order it, but I’ll have it!” with the staff member doing a fake laugh or smile (they must have heard that line so many times) is a reminder for me not to say something like that.

Anyway, the staff seemed friendly, although quite busy, so I liked the relaxed feel here. It’s clearly not a typical Brewdog bar, but still all very agreeable. For those visiting Glasgow’s city centre, there’s a larger Brewdog there which I visited earlier on during the week.