Glasgow – Holiday Inn Express City Centre Riverside

I had a three-night stay at this Holiday Inn Express hotel in Glasgow, booked some time ago as part of a deal offered by IHG. As the name of the hotel suggests, it’s by the River Clyde.

The standard comfortable layout of a Holiday Inn Express room, which was clean other than under the sofa which I suspect has been ignored for some months. The rooms aren’t cleaned during stays, but I was pre-warned about that, and on request I was given a heap of decaffeinated coffees and milks to keep me going through the three days.

The view from the hotel room window, the River Clyde is on the right hand side.

I was on the top floor (the fifth) and the corridor has been constructed so that it juts out to offer views of the river, with this arrangement probably not ideal for those who don’t like heights. I was very brave obviously and went to have a look.

And the view from the end of the corridor….. A nice touch, as otherwise this marvellous view wouldn’t be visible to guests.

There were a few different beers to choose from with the free welcome drink, although the staff member seemed surprised that I didn’t want a pint. Given that the choice was Stella, it wasn’t a difficult decision to have a bottle of something rather more drinkable instead. I went for the Goose Island IPA, which was entirely fine for a free drink.

The staff member at check-in had been helpful, suggesting that as the hotel was full with 300 people that it’d be a good idea to get down to breakfast early to beat the rush. I did exactly that, so these photos make it look quiet, but that is a slightly false impression. Breakfast was very busy every morning just a few minutes after I had come down, so the advice to get down at opening was useful. The breakfast area really is too small for the size of the hotel, although my early arrival tactics meant I didn’t struggle to get a table.

The hot drinks area.

There was also a yoghurts and cereals section (on the right) and a choice of four different hot foods (on the left), which were scrambled egg, sausages, bacon and baked beans. I never really eat scrambled egg, but the other three options worked for me. The bacon was dry, slightly hard and shrivelled up, which is fortunately just as I like it. I heard a few customers grumble about it over the three mornings, but I don’t like bacon which only looks like someone has waved it in front of an oven, crispy is good for me. The choices for vegetarians and vegans were weak, there were some pastries, but they were generic.

The seating area, which was full within a few minutes of this photo being taken.

It’s important not to be greedy…..

This was another well run hotel and I’m becoming greatly impressed with IHG properties. There were no noise issues either internally or externally, with everything working as it should do. Friendly staff, clean room and a modern hotel, even though it has been here now for over a decade. All really rather lovely.