Glasgow – Brewdog Merchant City

I’m slowly trying to go to every Brewdog in the UK and this is the chain’s city centre location in Glasgow. I’ve never quite understood the Doghouse branding that Brewdog have, but this was what the pub was called between 2015 and 2018, before reverting to the current external signage.

I was welcomed by a friendly team member who gave me this table and it seems that all sole diners were put in this row of table seating. I thought it was quite a decent location, I could see what was going on throughout the bar in case of any exciting drama. Unfortunately, nothing dramatic happened, but it’s good to be ready and in a prime location.

The beer fridge and bar, all standard Brewdog layout.

These windows at the rear retract fully to open up to the outside and they were opened just before I left (I was leaving anyway, I didn’t stomp off because they opened up the windows).

I had a look through the beer list and was a little perturbed to see that I had already tried nearly everything on the draught (I still don’t know whether it’s better to use draft or draught, so I alternative between them a bit) beer selection. This suggested to me that either I’m visiting too many Brewdogs or they’re not rotating their beers enough. Rather than take any blame myself, I decided they were at fault.

The above beer is the Cosmic Crush Raspberry by Overworks, which is Brewdog’s own brewery. I didn’t order a half (it was expensive, so I limited myself to a third), this was another mispour from Brewdog and I liked how the engaging staff member apologised and said if it was a problem then I could always leave some. It absolutely wasn’t a problem, and that’s about the eighth mispour in a Brewdog that I’ve had. This pleases me greatly. Refreshing and suitably sour, but there was a slight chemical feel to the aftertaste rather than a subtle flavour of raspberries, but still a very decent beer.

I also ordered a Vagabond, which is Brewdog’s gluten free beer that I don’t think I’ve had (or I’ve forgotten if I have) and this was perfectly adequate, but with nothing remarkable about it.

And I ordered Wings Wednesdays, with no shortage of chicken wings despite the national delivery problem which is apparently even impacting Greggs. The staff here were the most pro-active in offering extra rounds of the wings that I’ve experienced in a Brewdog, always being friendly and helpful as well. I should probably though switch to a different food order in future, the wings have quite a strong sauce which isn’t ideal on the throat…. For anyone interested (goodness knows who), the chicken wings tasted fine, but weren’t as crispy as I’ve had elsewhere, as if they’ve had them sitting in the sauce for some time. I didn’t let it bother me though and merrily ate them anyway. Incidentally, the menu here has a strong focus on vegan and vegetarian dishes, I will likely try those again as they’ve been excellent when I’ve had them before.

The reviews of the bar are positive, although there’s one furious customer claiming that they were ill after their visit and it must be Brewdog’s fault. It probably wasn’t, but some people seem entirely content to make these accusations. Anyway, I liked the reply to the review which I assume was a complaint about the time someone had to wait:

“First son was born before I got served”

The reply from Brewdog was:


OK, it might not be comedy gold, but I liked it. I also liked that Brewdog had little interest in tolerating a customer who abused their staff with the “unbelievable snowflakes for bar staff” in a review. I always feel a little sorry for the bar staff when I read reviews like that, but there we go….

All told, I had a very positive impression about this Brewdog (although, to be fair, I like nearly all of them) given the clean environment, the friendly staff and the food and drink options. All rather lovely.