Gatwick Airport – Grain Store

I think I’ll be here quite a few times in 2019, not for any other reason but this restaurant is included in the Priority Pass scheme. More common in the United States, this is ideal for people who have unlimited access cards, as it means Priority Pass will pay for the first £15 of any bill for cardholders. So, I might as well take advantage when at Gatwick Airport.

Nice and comfortable surroundings, not very busy at 04:30 in the morning, although that’s to be expected. Most people tend to be in a hotel, rather than faffing around the airport during the early hours of the morning (and the late hours of the night). All clean and well presented, with quite an airy and open design.

The bar area.

The latte, well presented with some coffee art on top, flavour was fine and served at the appropriate hot temperature.

I don’t usually do full English breakfasts, but decided to use this as a benchmark to judge the restaurant. I opted out of the mushrooms and they pro-actively offered me more tomato or more beans, so I went with the tomato. The presentation was quite clean, so it looked a reasonably well put together meal.

The sausages were adequate, a decent depth of flavour, but they had a slightly watery texture. The bacon was streaky and this was fine for a couple of the rashers, but one was heavily under-cooked for my taste. I spent my usual couple of minutes cutting the fat off. The eggs weren’t good, the white had a strangely firm texture and was devoid of any taste, which the yolk was only just runny, so it was a little over-cooked. The tomatoes and baked beans were fine, there’s not a great deal that can go wrong there. For this to be described as a full English there probably needs to be another ingredient, whether that’s black pudding, hash browns or something else to add a little extra to the proceedings.

The service was efficient and polite, with my Priority Pass payment method going through without any difficulties. They seem geared up to the whole Priority Pass process, as there’s a large sign at the entrance and some other customers seemed to be paying in the same way. I hope that this idea catches on in the UK, it’s a handy back-up for when the main Priority Pass lounges get too full.