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Dereham Pub Day 2 – Greenstone


Although we wouldn’t usually include a restaurant in our list of venues to visit, the Greenstone does willingly accept and welcome drinkers in even though they are primarily food led. Opened in 2015, it’s operated by Marston’s and the food offering is a little generic so I will admit having slightly low expectations here even just a drinker.


There’s the sign that indicates that it’s a pub and restaurant, but the venue’s web-site doesn’t explain the reasoning for the name. I discovered that it’s named after a Neolithic polished greenstone axe head which was found in the area in 1986.


There were a choice of two different real ales, both from Marston’s. The service was polite and engaging, with the whole arrangement feeling informal and welcoming. The pub looked spotlessly clean, with the bar dry and not sticky, the staff were looking after it well.


Dereham likes its tall chairs.


This was a well-kept half pint of Pedigree, it was at the appropriate temperature and I will admit to enjoying it.


The pub interior, with nearly every customer ordering food, primarily from the on-site carvery.


Copies of some old photos of the town on the wall as part of the interior decor.

I’ll say that this venue was a pleasant surprise to me, the welcome felt authentic, it was clean and the beer was well-kept. The prices were reasonable and I was comfortable during the visit, so I’d suggest that it’s a perfectly acceptable bar to get a drink. The on-line reviews for food aren’t great, but I suspect it’s a generally reliable venue for families and larger groups. It’s hardly a destination venue for craft beer, but it works as a meeting place for those wanting food and drink.