Two JuliansWymondham

Wymondham – The Railway


This was the ninth and final pub of the day for Julian and I on our study tour of Wymondham, with some slight concern as we approached that it was shut. It would have been something of an anti-climax, but I’m pleased to say that it was open and numerous customers were enjoying the outside seating area.


The frontage of the pub, which was for a long time a hotel, from another angle. It’s located just a short walk from the town’s railway station, but the pub name might have given that away to my assiduous readers.


This signage feels like something from a couple of years ago, but they don’t appear to be entirely enforcing these requirements now.


The bar and another reminder that they’re short of staff. We were served by a friendly staff member and I was pleased that she was able to point us towards a table with a plug by it as my phone was running out of charge. As can be seen, there weren’t unfortunately any real ales available.


The range of keg beers with a relatively limited choice.


However, there was Blue Moon which I’m always quite partial to, served with the obligatory slice of orange. This was sufficient for me and tasted as expected.


It’s a large pub and everything felt clean and comfortable. Not that I’m really one to offer decor advice, but I was a little surprised at the lack of railway memorabilia or posters on the walls, that would have felt more appropriate to me. However, I was just pleased that I was able to leave with rather more phone charge than I entered with.


Another room in the pub, there were no issues with finding a seat. The venue seems quite food led, although drinkers are welcome, with numerous people eating meals. They’re trying to keep the prices affordable and the quality high, if we hadn’t of just eaten I think that we would have pleased with the offering here.


A covered area outside, this looked suitably inviting. This area looked new and as if the pub has recently gone through something of a refurbishment.

I liked this pub, although it had the weakest selection of beers that we encountered during the day. The service was friendly, the pub was clean and I always enjoy Blue Moon so that sufficed me. I thought that the limited beer options might have been some issue with the venue being part of a pubco, but the pub’s web-site notes that they are a family operated free house. Although we didn’t eat here, this appears to be a strong point of the pub’s offering and at some point I may return for a quick meal. For anyone with a wait for a train (or, more specifically, a train departing from Wymondham), this seems a suitable place to come and visit.