Day 1

Day 1 – Summary

DAY ONE – Scarborough to Kirkbymoorside

30.1 miles

The first day was certainly a challenge, taking us 11 hours from leaving Scarborough to arriving at Kirkbymoorside. The weather was favourable to us though, just a little bit of rain at the end of the day.

The beginning of the day started with Liam inspecting which bits of the lifeboat station he built have fallen down. I noticed a pile of rubble outside, but apparently that was a seat Liam had constructed. I didn’t say anything.

We dipped our feet into the North Sea, but it’s a long time until we see sea again…. (there’s a photo of Liam here that didn’t upload first time, will try again). I realised immediately that my boots aren’t waterproof.

All this walking (we had gone around 250 yards) made us hungry, so we had a Wetherspoons breakfast. Pastrami bagel, best food on their menu!

Two miles in my lace broke. I decided that this needed an engineer to fix….

When we were crossing the railway line we were slightly attacked by three dogs. I bravely protected myself and tried to get the dogs to attack Liam instead. When we crossed the railway line a local resident called out and asked her to take her stone for a walk. Obviously we thought that seemed just a little strange, but it’s one of those stones that people paint and see how far they go. We’ll keep the web-site updated so that the person who painted it sees how far it went.

The whole walk got quite tiring by the 20 mile stage, and the next few hours weren’t the easiest. We decided to do the last two miles by road, so that we could speed up a little bit and get into the hotel by 20:00. We arrive at 19:59 and were pleased to check into a warm room.

We have popped to the pub and the food was fantastic, just what we needed. More on this, and other news from today, will be uploaded in separate posts on Tuesday morning  🙂



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