Day 6+1

Getting Back to Norwich

The walk is now over, so back to Scarborough via Leeds. Well, and via Greggs in Morecambe. From there we go back by car to Norwich where we can recover a bit.

First project though was for Liam to put down the rock he’s been carrying for most of the trip, one that was created by a child and the aim is to keep the rock moving. Personally I think he’s mad to carry extra weight, but I didn’t like to say anything.

Last thing to do in Morecambe was to visit Greggs for a healthy chicken bake and latte. This is the same outlet we visited at the beginning of our previous coast to coast, where we started the expedition the other way round. Staff in the shop were exceptionally friendly, a most lovely end to the expedition.

We got to the railway station and then realised that there was no ticket collection machine and we had advance purchase tickets. Fortunately the helpful conductor mentioned we could collect them in Lancaster, and I volunteered Liam to run to the ticket machine there to get them. He was successful  🙂

And that is the end of the blog for coast to coast 2, or what we’re calling the Tapestry Walk (it’s a long story). Been a great week and can’t wait for the next adventure!

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