Cambridge – Thirsty (Repeat Visit)


I’ve visited this bar before, but I felt the need to just repeat how excellent this on-trend and exciting the venue is. Those beer options are exceptional and very helpfully, they’re listed on Untappd. As I’ve written about the bar before, I’ll limit myself to just commenting on the beers I had when I visited with my friend Ross at the weekend.


The surroundings remain clean, comfortable and well presented. There’s a food menu where a neighbouring Italian restaurant brings the dishes in, it all looks most agreeable.


The Muffin Man (Blueberry & Mango) from Vault City, who are one of my favourite brewers. Sweet, fruity, smooth and very drinkable.


This is the star of any show though, the Cocotella which is also from Vault City. Liquid chocolate and coconut, this was smooth and entirely hid its 10% ABV. The combination of a stout with coconut, nuts and chocolate is always a decadent treat and this was no exception.

As a bar, this is a marvellous destination and I can’t really imagine a trip to Cambridge without popping in for at least one drink. Some considerable thought and effort clearly goes into this beer menu and it leaves me constantly surprised and delighted.