Cambridge – Cambridge Blue

This is a Good Beer Guide listed pub, located a relatively short walk from the railway station. Originally opened in the 1860s and formerly known as the Dew Drop Inn (which a few people have suggested is a Victorian play on the words of ‘do drop in’), the pub has a solid reputation within CAMRA given all that I’ve heard.

I’ve been to the pub before, but I haven’t realised in the past just how big a beer garden they have.

And a quirky interior. The staff members were friendly and there was one of the best attempts to manage social distancing in a pub that I’ve seen. Everything was clean and organised, with a really laid-back calm and relaxed atmosphere.

I wasn’t sold on the beer options, there were no dark beers at all (there’s one on tomorrow), which is a disappointing imbalance of beer styles. The Hop Kitty from Animal Brewing was fine though, a hoppy beer with clean tastes. I liked the atmosphere and comfortable nature of the pub, as well as the friendly staff, but the beer range was a bit pointed at Belgian beers and light beers for my liking, marvellous though that it is. But perhaps there are supply issues at the moment, this is a challenging time for pubs in very many different ways.