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Cambridge – The Maypole (Repeat Visit)


I’ve visited this pub before, so will just add briefly to what I wrote a couple of years ago.


I was going to try a third of the Duality V4, as I’ve worked through the rest in that series, and a third of the Panna Cotta, but the manager told the server not to pour those drinks in that size. I must admit I’m not entirely sure that’s ideal, these are £9 per pint beers and I would have preferred to try two different ones. The last time that happened to me was at the Euston Tap, it’s otherwise not something I come across very often at all. It’s not a problem particularly as I’ll just opt for something else, but it feels sub-optimal from a craft beer perspective.


I instead went for half a pint of the Brazilian from Colchester Brewery, a reliable and creamy stout that I’ve had numerous times before, including from here. It was well-kept, at the appropriate temperature and reasonably priced, so I had no complaints.


The food options looked tempting and I might have worked through some more of the beer options, but we decided to just have one drink and leave to go elsewhere.


The full menu, looks suitably interesting.

Anyway, without repeating too much more from my previous post, the pub is still listed in the Good Beer Guide and there’s plenty of choice in terms of cask and keg beers.