Bucharest Trip – Day 2 : Trattoria Don Vito


Earlier on during the day, I sent the group a list of five food venues that we could visit in the evening and Bev was the keenest on this one, so we all agreed to visit for an Italian meal for the evening. The venue is positively reviewed on-line and seems popular with tourists and locals. Incidentally in terms of timing, this was all actually a few days ago, but, as usual with these things, I’ve got behind writing everything up. I’m now back in the UK and I’ll catch up soon enough.


It doesn’t take long to establish what sort of theming the restaurant is going for. This reminds me of when we visited a restaurant in Visegrad and Gordon managed to have an argument with the kitchen, with them sending a different and much smaller steak back when he mentioned it was undercooked. He still tells that story now with a mix of pride and anger. Mostly anger actually.


There was a friendly welcome at the door although we were asked if we wanted to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section, which felt quite a throwback. And here’s the menu.


The beer was the Azuga Nefiltrata Weissbier from Ursus, which was better than I expected, a credible wheat beer which had a slightly artificial edge, but there was a decent flavour and notes of banana.


Steve, Bev and I all decided we’d have to head straight for the main courses without delay, although Susanna and Thim then ordered a starter. Fortunately, the restaurant were very aware of the situation and mentioned they’d get the main courses out straight away for everyone as they had finished their starter. They actually served our meals whilst Susanna and Thim were still on their starter, but that compromise worked for me. Bev grumbled that she didn’t get free Parmesan, but she ended up being relatively complimentary about her meal.


The diavola pizza which met my expectations in terms of taste, temperature and presentation. It was also reasonably priced and suitably filling. The atmosphere in the restaurant was laid-back and not too loud, with the service being attentive and polite.


Some of the paper money on display near the entrance.


And a collection of old phones which is a reminder of how technology has changed in a relatively short period. All told, this was a well-run restaurant and the menu was extensive with pasta, pizza, steak and seafood dishes to choose from. Bev muttered about the service and how she wasn’t going to leave a tip, but she relented when everyone else did. No-one said anything of course as we’re too polite….. With that, it was time to pop for a beer.