Bucharest Trip – Day 2 : Pardon


Apologies for the latest little hiatus in posting, it’s been a busy weekend. But, back to the Bucharest trip for my two loyal readers. Four of us decided to go onto Pardon, a craft beer bar a short walk from the Italian that we had visited. It wasn’t the busiest bar in the city and it also seems to go by the name of the ‘Happy Pub’ to add some slight confusion to proceedings.


I liked the beer list, although unfortunately several of the beers were unavailable. I felt that bar owner’s pain, he was really keen to offer me something and I was equally determined to find something that I’d like that was in stock.


There’s a bottles list as well, I was impressed at the efforts they were making in having a range of different beer styles.


Some form of sport was being shown behind the bar and I liked the decor here.


I went for the Mad Otter from Mad Lads Brewing Co which was a clean, juicy and hazy NEIPA that didn’t disappoint. I had a quick try of the Sencha from Hop Hooligans which was a herbal beer that I quite liked, but lots more about this brewery in future posts.


Steve started to negotiate his way to ordering a drink as well.


Free snacks were provided to us beer drinkers which was a lovely gesture.

I liked this venue, although they probably need a better system of updating what drinks they have available. The service was though friendly, the atmosphere was inviting and the surroundings were comfortable. With that late night expedition completed, Steve and I (who are completely selfless) decided that we’d walk Susanna and Bev back to their hotels (well, hotel in Susanna’s case, Bev seemed to spend most of the time rummaging around the cupboards of the set-up she was at which she said wasn’t a hotel). From what I can work out, the former Happy bar has been rebranded as Pardon, but much of the on-line information such as Untappd hasn’t been changed.