Bucharest Trip – Day 0 : Ibis Heathrow


As mentioned in my previous post, I had walked to the Heathrow Ibis and this is one of my favourite of the hotels on the Bath Road and I’ve stayed there numerous times before. There was a friendly welcome from the team member at reception and the atmosphere felt suitably warm and inviting. I was told that I had been given a room upgrade, which was very kind, and I guessed that this wouldn’t actually be a better room, but just a better located room. That’s realistically the best that a hotel can do when every room is the same design. Although I suppose that they could have put a little mountain of crisps in the room for me by way of an upgrade, but perhaps that’s not for everyone. The team member also asked if I’d like a free late checkout, but given my morning flight that wasn’t needed although it’s kind to ask.


I went for a pint of Goose Island Midway as my welcome drink. I might have mentioned that I have something of a passion for Goose Island, including visiting their Chicago brewery last year. I accept that Midway isn’t exactly the Bourbon County Stout that they brew, but there we go.


I approve that they local the musical instruments up to prevent unnecessary noise from musically untalented guests.


I’ve never actually eaten at this hotel, other than when the breakfast was included as part of the deal, but I merrily take photos of the food options that are on offer.


As I don’t get out much, I was surprised and delighted to get exactly the same room as when I stayed in the hotel for three days earlier on in the year. I like patterns in life and there seems something reassuring in repetition, especially with the never ending change that travel brings. I should definitely get out more as I suspect that I might have overthought that. Anyway, it was a peaceful night’s stay, not least as I was on the top floor in the corner, something I’d agree is an upgrade.

Also, I forgot to take a photo of the room,  so I’ve used the one from earlier in the year. I’ve just found some more missing posts from this blog, something else I’ll have to fix along with the missing images. Bloody thing.

At this moment I heard from Susanna, Bev and Thim. They were all safely at Stansted Airport, and I was reassured that Thim was there with them since last time Susanna and Bev were left along at Stansted Airport they got drunk and missed their flight in some sort of drunken stupor. I’m pleased to report that this incident didn’t happen again. Their flight, two hours before mine, left without any issues other than Thim wasn’t thrilled and delighted with the leg room situation which he was encountering.

I decided to cut it very fine in terms of leaving for the airport, which meant that I departed the hotel just 2 hours 30 minutes before the flight. Razor thin I tell, razor thin timing. I’m not sure I’ve ever risked it quite that much before, although I accept that I am very risk averse with travel arrangements.