Bucharest – Arcul de Triumf

The first Arcul de Triumf, or Arch of Triumph, was built here very quickly in 1878 in order for troops to march under it, to celebrate the newly formed country of Romania. The first arch was made from wood and its origins are from the Roman period, when these arches were built so that a military general could be acknowledged for a major victory.

Another arch, this time made out of a more durable material, was constructed in 1922 although this was again a little rushed and under-financed and the exterior soon degraded. So, in 1936 a new structure was constructed and it was designed by Petre Antonescu, who also supervised the 1922 construction. This is the arch that is present today, although traffic fumes and general pollution have meant that it has had to be restored on numerous occasions.

There is a small museum inside the arch, but it seems to rarely be open, just on special events. The current arch is made out of granite and stands 11 metres in height and is 9.5 metres wide. It’s not the most accessible either, being stuck in the middle of a traffic island. It’s still an impressive structure though and can be seen from some distance.