Bucharest – Metro (Piața Romană)

This is one of Bucharest’s metro stations, located on line M2, and I’ll write more about the city’s network at some point.

The station didn’t make sense to me though, as the platform is ridiculously narrow. Passengers are stuck waiting in gaps located along it, with this design appearing illogical given that the network is relatively new. It has transpired that this line opened between January 1986 and October 1987, which this stretch of the line opening on 25 October 1987. What makes sense to me now is that this station was a last-minute addition to the network, so there wasn’t space to add a proper platform, with this station not opening until 28 November 1988.

I couldn’t help but think that the station also needs some modernisation, the platform was a bit worn in places and there was water leaking through the structure and there were large puddles on sections of the track. I’m glad that I was using this station at a quiet time, it can’t be ideal during busy periods.