British Airways : Minimum Connection Time Between Flights at Heathrow

A scenario I haven’t had before, BA have changed my flight to New York in September from T5 to T3. That’s normally good as I prefer that terminal, but it’s not relevant here since I’m connecting with little time to spare. I’m flying from Dublin and the original flight got in to T5 at 10:50 and the US flight departed T5 at 12:20, which is thirty minutes longer than the one hour minimum connecting time at Heathrow T5. Now BA have shunted my departing flight to T3 and they’ve also changed the departure time to 12:15, which would have been enough at T5, but it means it’s five minutes too short to meet the minimum connecting time between Heathrow Terminals which is 90 minutes. I think I just have to wait for BA to realise and change my flight, which I’m going to guess will mean getting into New York two hours later.

Not that anyone cares, but I will carefully edit this post when I find out what actually happens with this and how long it takes them to realise…. I don’t much mind, I like the excitement, although I suspect the only option is for BA to move me to the flight I mentioned which is two hours later, but that’s departing from T5 which would at least mean I could pop into the BA lounge….