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Brewdog Plus – A Quick Review

I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago that I had purchased Brewdog Plus. This is likely just a one-off for me, but I know I have a few Brewdog trips coming up in the next few months, so on this occasion I decided to go for it. It costs £99, but they give you £150 of credit at Brewdog (and I’m merrily working around their bars) which means that it works for me on this occasion. They also give you a free coffee every day as well, which is a handy little extra benefit, and although I can’t imagine I’ll use it, they give you free UK delivery on Brewdog on-line orders.

It is a bit of a decadent purchase, but is of course worthwhile for anyone spending over £99 in Brewdog over the year. I know a few people (well, two) who have purchased it for that reason, but the staff at a couple of bars I’ve spoken to have said that the take-up has been patchy so far. A few bars have had no idea how to deal with it, which is a QR code that they scan, but the outlet at Newcastle was very clued up. I don’t have shares in Brewdog, but it can’t be used in conjunction with Equity Punk discounts, which seems harsh for those who have loyally backed Brewdog financially. Perhaps they’ll change that next year.

For anyone who visits Brewdog infrequently, it’s of course not going to be worth it. I don’t think I’ll pop in very often just for a coffee, but it’s a handy little extra free of charge if I was visiting anyway. And, I can’t rule out just popping into the Norwich one every now and then to get a coffee, so it’s a nice bonus to have. I like that it’s easy to see the balance on the same web-page as the QR code, so at least that’s relatively clear.

Anyway, for anyone interested, sign-up is at https://www.brewdog.com/uk/brewdog-plus.