Bremen – Bremen Library

It’s always important for me to have a little investigation of a city’s central library, a useful indicator of how important the local authorities value the resource. This library feels modern, is spacious and there are a lot of quiet places, so I’d say that Bremen certainly values its library highly.

The outside courtyard of the library, with seating and a giant chess board.

Themed seating, a nice little book related touch.

A look down at the library’s collection of prints and illustrations.

This is the main entrance area to the library, the rest of the building is a shopping centre with shops and restaurants. It’s all covered and another part of Bremen’s modern looking retail zones.

So many books! Floors and floors of them, all clearly displayed and indexed.

A side view of the library building. All in all, a wonderful resource which importantly wasn’t too loud. There’s a separate area for teenagers and children, with a large selection of books and DVDs in English. There’s also power sockets for computers and laptops and numerous staffed information points around the building.