Bremen – Kunsthalle Bremen (Repair of the Illustrations)

The Kunsthalle has a large display of their illustrations, of which many have been restored over the last four years. There was a special display which showed how some of the illustrations had been repaired, which in itself was rather well put together. Many of the illustrations have been lost during the Second World War, although the museum is still trying to get some of the back. Unfortunately some of them also became quite damaged, although the museum has decided to keep what they have, so everything is being preserved.

The black all over the face has been removed.

The hole has been quite neatly covered up.

Some neatly repaired creases.

A piece had been lost on the right hand side of the illustration, this was rather neatly repaired.

The iron in the original black ink had eroded away and holes had appeared in the paper.

Some of the illustrations are damaged beyond repair…..