Bremen – Schüttinger Gasthausbrauerei

Nothing too exciting from the exterior, but the reviews were good for this bierhaus and brewery, so it looked worth a little visit. That was after Google had sent me to the wrong end of the street, a rare error from Google Maps…

The entrance reminded me of the start of a medieval theme park ride…..

It was happy hour, 0.4 litres for just €2.50. Bargain! I decided that one wasn’t enough to really test the beer fully though, so I had to try a few….

The pub makes its own beers which were perfectly pleasant, although perhaps a little light.

There was lots of character in the bar, which was much busier by the time I left.

I thought that I’d better test the food and the fish and chips looked like a rather good option. The batter was soft, but it had lots of flavour and the tartare sauce complemented the fish beautifully. The chips had some paprika on, and had a crispy exterior and nice and fluffy interior. Rather lovely!