Bremen – Mall of Fame

Located in Lloyd Passage, a 250-metre shopping street, is Bremen’s hall of fame. Lucky individuals get to put their hands in plaster so that a cast can be made and then inserted into the floor with a plaque. It felt just like being back in Hollywood, California….

Michael Stich, the tennis player. He was the only one that I had heard of and also the first photo that I took. I was looking forwards to other famous names and although I don’t deny that the others aren’t famous, it’s markedly less exciting when I don’t have a bloody clue who they are.

Thomas Schaff, a German football player.

Aílton Gonçalves da Silva, a football player.

Karlheinz Böhm, an actor.

Peter Maffay, a singer and actor, the first person to be honoured in this exciting walk of fame. Apparently he’s one of the most famous German musicians.

James Last, a musician.