Bradford – Bradford Holiday Inn Express

I was able to get a decent rate for four nights at the Holiday Inn Express, which is helpful in reaching my Platinum IHG status for the first time (which I should do in late October, not that I can imagine anyone is too interested in that other than me). The hotel is located just over the road from the Bradford Interchange railway station and only a few minutes walk from the city centre.

The check-in process was well managed and the staff member was helpful. She said that she had given me a room which had just got a new carpet and new bed, but instead of delight, it worried me what had precipitated that. I decided that I’d rather not know.

My room, which I felt was very comfortable and I was pleased to note that the windows opened so that I didn’t end up in a sterile environment. There was a fan and heater as well (to make up for the lack of air conditioning), making it easy to get to whatever temperature is required. It’s a large Smart TV as well for anyone who wants to cast their phone to it. There were only two power points, which is really quite low for a hotel room, but I imagine a refurbishment will sort that out.

The view of gorgeous Bradford from my window….

My welcome drink at the bar, and I’m entirely content with the Goose Island IPA, so no complaints there. The England and Poland football match was on, so I was vaguely watching that. One man got a bit over-excited and started screaming at one point with delight at the football score, but luckily he only did that once.

The breakfast room which was rarely as quiet as this, but it was never a problem getting a table.

The breakfast set-up arrangement, with the standard Holiday Inn Express selection of four hot food items (sausage, bacon, baked beans and scrambled egg) as well as cereals, yoghurt and pastries. I’d have liked the bacon to have been crispier, but that’s my standard comment as I don’t like fat on bacon that hasn’t been frazzled. There were some decent fruit teas as well, a wider selection than I’ve usually seen.

And my little breakfast selection….. All entirely satisfactory and in line with the usual brand standards.

There were no noise issues either internally or externally and I liked this hotel so much that I’ve already booked it again. The staff were friendly, the room was clean, the hotel was comfortable and everything was as I’d want it to be. All very lovely.