Berlin – Berlin Tegel Closes

I’ve only just noticed on Flyertalk that Berlin Tegel Airport has finally closed, which I’m moderately sad to hear. I’m not sure that I should feel slightly saddened at a shut airport given everything else going on in the world, but there we go…. Tegel was too small, but it was in many ways beautiful and it was possible to reach the departure gate and go through security within minutes as they’re only a few metres from the entrance.

I last visited in late 2019 and I did hope that I’d get one more chance to visit the BA lounge there again. I did note that the airport was uncomfortable, but I still sort of liked it. Lots of people wanted this airport to remain, but it was too near the city centre and so the amount of real estate was just worth too much. The new airport is Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which has been a national humiliation and been seen as one of the most mismanaged construction projects in Europe. It’s opened nine years late, hugely over-budget and there have been political scandals, corruption issues and pure incompetence.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to mention the Flyertalk post with some photos of the airport in its final days. I think it’s polite for those who will miss the airport to note ‘Danke Tegel’.