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Beccles Pub Day – Two Julians

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Another day, another study tour. This time to Beccles, to see what delights could be offered in this fine Suffolk metropolis. I boarded the X2 bus at the bus station, whilst Julian boarded a little further down the route and he marched magnificently down the aisle like a strutting peacock.


Safely in Beccles, we were starting our expedition at the Ingate. And the list of pubs that we visited were:


Wine Vaults Bar and Restaurant

Bear & Bells

Waveney House Hotel

King’s Head Hotel

Unlike in Wymondham, where we completed all nine venues listed on Untappd, we had a little more difficulty completing Beccles. The Butchers Arms doesn’t open until later in the day and nor do two of the social clubs. We also missed out the Caxton Arms, partly because their lack of real ale meant it didn’t show up on the CAMRA map. However, we’re not amateurs at this, oh no. We’ll be back on another study tour and will also take in some nearby countryside pubs. We’re not one trick ponies who just do urban pubs, we’re two trick ponies who cover the countryside as well.


I would have much liked to have gone in the Ale of a Time shop which was selling a range of beers, but unfortunately they have limited opening hours. Good to see this sort of place opening though.


I make no comment.


We made time to pop into the town’s church.


And off we go at the end of the day. Julian made the ridiculous comment that I needed a new bag, but I ignored that. My McCain’s bag has been going strong for over a decade and it’s not going anywhere (well, technically, it goes loads of places, but you get the idea). Safely back into Norwich, we had enjoyed yet another marvellous day out.

The Ingate is a fine pub, which very much deserves to be in the Good Beer Guide, that was a surprise and delight. The Wine Vaults was more food focused but they were welcoming to drinkers, with the same being true of the Waveney House Hotel and its fine views of the river. The Bear & Bells wasn’t what I expected, but it was hard to fault the King’s Head, which is the JD Wetherspoon venue in Beccles. As mentioned, we’ll be back soon enough, but our next adventure is to Cromer, the pearl of North Norfolk, as well as a trip to Ipswich to add to the mix. And we’re not ruling out doing some even wider straddling and might perhaps treat ourselves to a London study tour at some stage.