Beccles – Wine Vaults Bar and Restaurant


This venue has two entrances, the main bar accessed through a door to the left (next to the A-Board) and there’s a cellar bar accessible via a different entrance to the right (just out of the photo).


The entrance to the cellar bar is on the left through that fire door and the pub’s kitchen is ahead.


The pub’s menu, which isn’t served all day, but is available at lunchtimes and in the evenings.


There were three beers on which were the dreaded Greene King IPA, Old Speckled Hen and Fuller’s London Pride.


I went for the London Pride, a reliable beer and it was well kept and at the appropriate temperature.


The ground floor of the pub. There’s a strong food focus here, but it’s still welcoming to those who just want a drink. I know very little about wine, but there seems to be plenty of choice available on their wine list, which is appropriate given the pub’s name. As I understand, this naming is though more to do with the cellar bar formerly being used to store wine though rather than to highlight their wine selection.


And the upstairs. The venue is very well reviewed on-line and they have numerous events such as live music. I can’t say I’m overly keen on the “booking enquiries made via email will not be replied to” on their web-site and I can think of more than a couple of people I know who would move onto another venue which had an on-line booking reservation system or who replied to emails. The Sunday roasts look appealing in the photos, I can imagine that it’s worth making the effort to book a table to experience those.

The service was friendly and engaging, with the pub being clean and well maintained. It’s a quirky building with plenty of character and the food coming out looked rather tempting. They might not have been the most exciting variety of real ales, but in all fairness they had three different ones to choose from, with the environment of the venue feeling inviting. Anyway, as I may have mentioned before, all rather lovely.

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