Aarhus – Viking Museum

There’s a rather nice little Viking Museum (Vikingemuseet) situated in the cellar of a bank near Aarhus’s cathedral. When they were building the bank there was an archaeological dig in the 1960s which uncovered numerous Viking buildings, bodies and artefacts, so they decided to make a museum of them.

A handy little history guide about how the Vikings around Europe, I knew from museums in York and Dublin about their involvement there, but never knew about the south of Spain.

This skeleton was found in this location and dates to the ninth century, a male around 1.7 metres tall (it said on the wall, I didn’t measure him). He’s missing his head and it is thought that he might have been murdered.

Rather a nice little museum in the cellar, at the level of the original Viking settlement.

A recreation of a Viking house, looks rather like the accommodation Liam and I stayed in at a camp site last week…. There’s not a great deal to see, but it’s free and I now feel more knowledgeable about the Vikings  🙂