Aarhus – Aros (Your Rainbow Panorama)

The first in a few blog entries about the Aros art gallery. Although it’s a little expensive to get in there are some interesting displays and the building itself was worth visiting.

The entrance arrangements were a bit inadequate though, as I managed to join a queue of students who were waiting to get in as a group. Another fifteen visitors or so then promptly joined me in the queue, whilst the gallery security team seemed entirely bored and unwilling to actually mention this wasn’t a good idea.

Although the security team itself seemed a bit confused in general, since they didn’t notice a group of four people go in without paying at all. But that group were pleased with their success, but I like queueing so I was happy to wait to buy a ticket.

Anyway, the gallery. I decided to go to the top floor first to find the panorama as I thought that the photos would look better if it wasn’t busy. That planning worked for me, as I was the only person on the panorama and the views are excellent. The colours change as visitors walk around and it’s a really novel way of seeing the city and it’s no surprise that visitor numbers soared when this was added.