Aarhus – End of a Visit

The local bus company runs services from Aarhus city centre to the airport at times that are co-ordinated with flight departures. However, I considered the connection time to be far too close for my liking and so I bordered a coach for the flight two before mine. They are no doubt right to leave such a small gap, but I get panicked if I don’t arrive early. As can be seen from the above photo, I was first to arrive for my flight. Again.

The coach journey was uneventful, other than for an enormous bee which forced me to move my seat. I was very brave, but could have done without this existentialist threat to my on-board safety. I can’t help be reminded though that the cost of the coach was more than my Ryanair flight ticket, and I hope that one day Ryanair take over the operating of the coach service itself. I’d be content with them offering me lottery tickets and all manner of other items if it reduced the price of the coach.

The airport has a post-departure garden area, which is rather lacking in seating. And I worried about the threat of bees, so I went outside, took a photo and then came back to sit in the cold. I’m not really an outdoors sitting person.

It was rather a lovely visit to Aarhus, although slightly limited my hobbling around for part of it because of an injury from my walking last week. The city is clean, friendly, organised and modern in its feel. It feels safe and I’m slightly impressed at how Aarhus feels just so relaxed and so at ease with itself.