Aarhus – Aarhus Cathedral

Aarhus Cathedral is the tallest religious building in the country and rather inevitably dominates over the central area of Aarhus. It was built in the twelfth century and it replaced the previous church which was located outside of the city’s fortifications (and which can still be visited).

The spire of the original church was destroyed in a seventeenth century fire and was replaced with a rather inadequate version known as the “coffee pot lid”. This situation was resolved in 1867 when a more fitting spire was placed back on top of the building.

There’s a large and bright interior with a rather impressive altar dating designed by Bernt Notke and dating to the late fifteenth century.

The clock above the entrance to the chapter house.

The floor in the aisles is made up of broken former tombs.

There are numerous grand tablets on the walls of the building.

The ship dates to around 1720 and it’s located here to remember all of those who have died at sea. It’s 3.5 metres in height and it’s the largest such ship in any Danish church.


There are frescoes throughout the building and these were mainly painted between the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Many were covered up and have since been restored, although some of the originals have been lost over time.

The height of the aisle is more obvious from this photo and one nice touch is that the Cathedral has placed large boards at the end of this aisle with old photos and drawings of the building.