2023 Lisbon Trip (Day Two – Beer Station)


This craft beer bar is located below the city’s main railway station, hence its rather suitable name. Actually, we struggled to find it at first, but it’s not in the station itself but in the square below it.


The venue is small and there are usually four or five beers on draft alongside a variety of different bottles. The service was immediate and polite, with the surroundings feeling comfortable.


These used bottles are just for display, but it gives an insight of the sort of beers that have been stocked here. This all adds some colour to the place as otherwise I suspect it might feel just a little dark.


I opted for the Double IPA from Post Scriptum Brewery who are a local micro-brewery. It was perhaps nothing exceptional, but it had pleasant afternotes of grapefruit so was suitably refreshing.


This is the bar’s survey of how many customers were using Untappd and then they split that result into locals and visitors.


There wasn’t any chalk nearby so I didn’t fill in the blackboard survey, but Bev wasn’t having that and so she marked the votes of Steve and I on the board for us. She’s very social and practical like that. This sort of survey result is perhaps self-selecting, but it does give an interesting insight into the number of people using Untappd.

It’s not a sizeable venue with just a couple of large inside tables, but it’s got an informal and inviting vibe to the whole arrangement. Ideal for those waiting for a train and waiting to have some decent beer, with the option to sit outside as well. The bar is using Untappd for its draft and bottled options, which is useful for pre-selecting which looks like the most exciting beer.