2023 Lisbon Trip (Day Two – Orange Juice Outside Rossio Railway Station)


I haven’t got a clue what this cafe is called (what an informative blog this is), it’s missing from Google Maps, but it’s located on the square to the side of Rossio Station. Bev was craving caffeine and so we went to this quaint little location by the main railway station and I’m pleased to say that no-one in our group repeated the actions of a tourist a few years ago….. The others wanted their morning coffee, but I’m trying to avoid caffeine and so I went for a rather more healthy freshly squeezed orange juice. There was a friendly welcome from the staff, even though we all paid separately by card which I doubt was their ideal solution to the payment situation.


Look at that healthy goodness. Well, something like that anyway, but it did taste fresh and it’s always a little bonus to see your drink being freshly squeezed. I mean, you could do that with craft beer at the bar with a little creativity and ingenuity, but it wouldn’t feel quite the same. It was a handy first stop to plan our expeditions over the following few days to ensure that we knew where we were going.


We then got muddled up thirty seconds afterwards, but I didn’t say anything.