2023 Lisbon Trip (Day Two – AMO Brewery)


Whilst Bev and Susanna were running around Lisbon trying to get value for money from their Lisbon Cards, Steve and I thought it would be far more sensible to go to some bars. He’s very level headed is Steve. AMO is a well-reviewed brewery which also has its own small taproom and was founded in 2016 by Margaret Orlowski.


The beer menu.


There are around four tables upstairs in the taproom which can be reached by some steep steps that require some caution to avoid spilling any drinks. But having some extra jeopardy during a pub visit can’t be a bad thing. There’s some extra seating outside the front of the bar, but smoking is allowed there and I don’t want to drink craft beer in a smoke haze.


This is the brewery’s prickly pear, a 6% fruit beer which had a pleasant taste although I’m not sure what a prickly pear is supposed to taste like as Greggs don’t put anything like that in their baked goods selection.


Also produced by AMO, this is the 8% Winter Special Chocolate Porter, suitably rich with deep chocolate flavours. This is a comforting winter drink, dangerously drinkable.

We were served, I think, by the owner of the brewery and she was friendly, engaging and personable. It was a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, all informal and not too serious. There were a wide range of different beer styles, with the prices being reasonable, and I liked the nature of the surroundings. Given the small size of the venue I was quite surprised by how many beers they had available, if there would have been more time I would have worked through a few more of them.