Las Vegas

2022 US Trip – Las Vegas and the In-N-Out Burger on the LINQ


For anyone interested, which I suspect is very likely nobody, I’ve temporarily ditched the day number of the trip in the post title as I can’t remember what happened on what day in Las Vegas. What I did do early on in my week long stay was to meander down the Strip in the evening and have a little look at what was happening on the LINQ, which is a row of shops and restaurants which usually has something to tempt me.


I was surprised and pleased, as well as being delighted although that’s not rare with food, to see another of my favourite chains has now reached Las Vegas. The delightful mostly Californian chain make excellent burgers, with welcoming customer service to match. This was a busy location, but it seemed ordered and it’s very well reviewed with an average of 4.5 on Google, which is astoundingly good for any fast food restaurant with high footfall.


Very reasonable prices.


And this didn’t disappoint, meaty burgers and suitably salty fries which were crispy on the exterior and fluffy on the interior. The restaurant was at near capacity, but I asked if I could sit at a table where there was just one person and fortunately she was happy with that idea. I didn’t much fancy trying to prop my snack outside somewhere as Las Vegas isn’t exactly packed with seating options. Well, there are lots of seats in casinos, but they’re not keen for people to bring burgers. I’m not sure that I’ve ever had any problems with food at this chain, this was no exception and the dining environment felt inviting and comfortable.

I’m missing Las Vegas again. And indeed the United States. I also accept that there’s more to the country than the food, but it is a strong selling point to me.