2022 US Trip – Day 30 (Blaze Pizza in Newark)


As it was day 30 of this trip and I was about to head to the airport, I decided against doing anything exotic and different but instead went to one of my favourite chains. I was pleased that staff member made such enthusiastic comments about my English accent and I privately agreed with the server’s suggestion that it was marvellous to hear someone speak English properly. Only privately though, I didn’t want to upset anyone else nearby by stating that she was correct.


I’ve written about Blaze Pizza before numerous times, not least earlier on this trip in Charlotte and in their original unit in Pasadena. It’s a simple concept, pick the base you want, the toppings and they make it in just a few minutes. Drinks, like they usually are in the United States, are refillable and cheap. Unusually, they also spelt my name correctly and that’s visible to the bottom right of the pizza.

I’ve just had a look at how the chain is getting on and things look bright, they’re signing up new franchisees at some pace and opening additional units across the country. I’m not really in the market to open a restaurant in the United States, but if I had to pick a franchise I suspect that this would be high up my list. Over 70% of their franchise holders operate multiple units which is usually a positive sign, they’re competent enough to be able to manage them in a professional way. My only negative comment is that they’re blocked Europeans from visiting their web-site for reasons unknown, perhaps forgetting that makes it impossible for anyone to order on-line if they’re roaming.

It also seems, if my visit was anything to measure matters by, that this unit was doing well with plenty of lunchtime customers eating in or taking their pizzas away. I can also confirm that Dr. Pepper complements a sausage, banana pepper, jalapeno, pepperoni and olive pizza perfectly.