2022 US Trip – Day 30 (Busy Bus 62 to Newark Airport)


The bus trip from Newark city centre to Newark Airport usually only takes around twenty minutes, although it was one of the busiest services that I’ve been on for some time. I managed to get a seat, although had to ask someone to move their bag, which was fortunate given that the bus seemed to pick up what seemed to be about ten people at every stop. I was fortunate that my destination was at the airport where plenty of people were getting off, as it took significant ingenuity and just a little brute force to get off any earlier than that.

The fare was very reasonable, as bus trips so often are in the United States, costing $1.60. There are no contactless payments available and you can overpay the fare but there’s no facility to get any change. Fortunately, I had planned ahead and had my $1.60 ready in change. Although by change, I mean six quarters and a dime which I carefully placed in the coin slot whilst trying not to annoy the driver by dithering.


It’s not entirely obvious, but there’s New York in the background and where I had stayed for just under a week earlier on in my trip.


And thanks to NJ Transit, safely at Newark Airport, hours early as usual.