Wymondham – Wymondham Abbey (William d’Aubigny)

This tablet marks that William d’Aubigny is buried near to this spot at Wymondham Abbey, the founder and benefactor of the institution in 1107. It’s not known exactly where he was buried, but it was likely in the section of the abbey used for monks, which was taken down following the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

William d’Aubigny was likely born just after the Norman invasion of England and he was born in France, near to the village of Saint-Martin-d’Aubigny. He received the support of King Henry I, who gave him great swathes of land across Norfolk. When King Stephen ascended to the throne in 1135, William retained his power and influence at the Royal Court, but he died a few years later in 1139 and his body was brought back to Wymondham to be buried.