Travel Corridor Countries

Well, this is good news, as it covers all of the countries I was visiting over the next few months. So, anyone returning from any of these countries (and Ireland, which was already exempt) doesn’t now have to stay at home for two weeks. That means a trip away is possible without hibernating inside for two weeks with no Greggs.

Andorra Germany New Zealand
Antigua and Barbuda Greece Norway
Aruba Greenland Poland
Australia Grenada Réunion
Austria Guadeloupe San Marino
Bahamas Hong Kong Serbia
Barbados Hungary Seychelles
Belgium Iceland South Korea
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Italy Spain
Croatia Jamaica St Barthélemy
Curaçao Japan St Kitts and Nevis
Cyprus Liechtenstein St Lucia
Czech Republic Lithuania St Pierre and Miquelon
Denmark Luxembourg Switzerland
Dominica Macau Taiwan
Faroe Islands Malta Trinidad and Tobago
Fiji Mauritius Turkey
Finland Monaco Vatican City
France Netherlands Vietnam
French Polynesia New Caledonia